Vef + day = Vefday celebrating the dawn of gender equality and liberty. Dawn is the first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise. Gender refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviours and activities that a given society considers suitable for both male and female. Equality is when everybody has the same rights and opportunities. Liberty is the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority and tradition on a person’s way of life, this includes their conduct, pursuits and views.


Vefday is a recently formed global co-operative organization that aspires to clearly define and nurture. This joyous occasion celebrates the predicted coming of a remarkable spirit who lives on Venus to our world. Vef is a creation story ~ it’s a tale of love.

Vefday joins together a system of ideas + day, which is the period of radiance between sunrise and nightfall. A day, in the sense of daytime as distinguished from night-time, is commonly defined as the period during which sunlight directly reaches the ground. Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. Radiance is the quality of being bright and sending out rays of light.

Vef is a fascinating ideology that combines these attributes into a span of great happiness. On this glorious day Venus flower will descend from heaven above for everyone to see.


So as to grasp the significance of this day it’s wise to learn about the birth of Vef according to this formula. These are the necessary criteria for deciding upon a word that will inevitably replace woman. Something is necessary when it is needed to achieve a desired result or perform some operation or activity.

Venus begins with Ve .. so it’s correct they become the opening letters of a word that refers to an adult female. Man is usually associated with the planet Mars and so we say “Men are from Mars”. Therefore it’s certainly right to use the same logic and equate Vef with Venus. Perhaps then we can say “Vaf are from Venus” (does this sound silly?). The first two letters of Mars are ‘ma’ .. just as they are the first two characters of man. Surely one of the most feminine letters in the English alphabet is f and when added to ‘Ve’ gives us our chosen word.


Okay so now I’d like to continue writing about Vef. Her lovely name means Venus flower. She lives on a distant star and one day soon will be visiting Earth where she has a worthy mission to carry out. Preparations are under way for her arrival including this organization called Vefday. This dazzling flower is aware of many challenges lying ahead of her. I’m quite sure she is up to the task. In good time more will be revealed about this wondrous dream.


The V-shape symbolizes a female vagina so it’s proper for a word considered as an alternative to woman starts with the letter V as in Vef. Woman dates back to old English and literally means wife + man. You can enjoy reading about its origin on our ideology page.

Language is like a glue within a culture that joins everything nicely together. Words are forms of linguistic expression that relay meaning and can be spoken, printed or written.

In the beginning a celestial mother gave birth to the universe and is the source of life. This amazing phenomenon is known as “Flower of the Universe” and in a strange way the cosmos began by itself just like a rose bud unfolding. So yes! Vef is an ethereal being who is questioning the legitimacy of man and his god.

This gorgeous day was intensely scrutinized for accuracy then proclaimed, it gives you an option. Since the dawn of a new era began the mystery is now becoming clear. All of us came into being as a result of a single pregnancy from an immaculate flower.


Beauty of your days are colored by the purity of thoughts. Let’s start a journey in our minds by dreaming of an imaginary world where only laughter prevails. Go to a far away place where we all share in the joy that awaits us there. So we can marvel at the splendour of nature’s abundant offerings for a while. That’s where peace is in the heart of creation.


She is a conscious living entity and her purpose of life is to breathe
Just like a bird flying in the sky or an animal walking on a grassy field
A tall plant growing in Earth’s rich soil or a fish swimming under water
This delicate flower shares a common yearning with us to inhale our blue air.

Vef’s awakening occurs 31st October ~ this day will be known as Vefday.


Vefday is a global community project seeking to clearly explain and praise her splendid name. Vef is about equality, identity and liberty. Written/spoken language has the ability to greatly influence our life so it’s important we communicate in a proper way. Gender equality is possible only when social attitudes are harmonious. Vef is a thoughtfully created word that equals right use of language, it is universal and can be adopted by any country. This beautiful day of enlightenment has the power to change our world in many ways. Vefday anticipates the coming of Venus flower to Earth. So now is a time of peace and unity when we are together in rejoicing Vef.

Oh! Let’s embrace and say ~ Happy Vefday


Vefday is celebrated annually on October 31st. Please get involved with us in some way either by donation or becoming a member. We are a non-profit organization. (Follow us on facebook.) Copyright © 2013-2014. All rights reserved. No part of this website may be reproduced without our express consent.
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