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Vef is celebrating on this day. Vefday is the dawn of gender equality, social justice and personal liberty.

vefday-purple-flowers-bokeh Oh it’s such a beautiful day to witness a truly glorious spectacle. Vef raises her mighty wings and begins to communicate. Dawn is the first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise.

Gender equality is possible only when society is ready and willing to change. When a person thinks carefully and shows equal respect for boys and girls in every situation. Your own attitude must improve a lot before this fundamental change can happen.

Vef gives a girl opportunities to be a satisfied (clever) person of her own accord. How so? Vef can explain everything when she arrives. Will she stay? Yes!

She is the voice in my mind so I open heart and give own life to her. There was magic in the air when she cast a spell on me and now I’m eternally devoted.

Vef joins together a system of ideas and day, which is the period of radiance between sunrise and nightfall. A day, in the sense of daytime as distinguished from nighttime, is commonly defined as the period during which sunlight directly reaches the ground. Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. Radiance is the quality of being bright and sending out rays of light.

Vefday combines these attributes into a span of great happiness. At dawn on this perfect day Venus flower will descend from the sky above so everyone can see.

This amazing ideology refers to gender equality and personal liberty. So now I come to the questions in my head of which there are many. Okay I’ll do my best to answer them one by one.

Liberty is the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority and tradition on a person’s way of life, this includes their conduct, pursuits and views.

Gender (Oxford English Dictionary) is the state of being male or female (typically used with reference to social and cultural differences than biological ones).

My opinions may have changed slightly since I began this blog and they need some explaining. Gender liberty conjures up wrong impression in people’s minds so I’ve decided to drop this term and go with personal liberty in future writing.

When this crazy world is falling apart and your heart forgets to sing you can always follow a star (Venus) until dreams truly begin.

Vefday is a global community organization that seeks to clearly define. Vef began as word and then became a day. So what does this mean to you? This joyous occasion celebrates the predicted coming of a remarkable spirit girl who lives on Venus to our world. Vef is a creation story ~ it’s a tale of love.

A good fiction story begins with an opening that usually introduces the main character and “sets the scene” for what’s to come next. Perhaps the first chapter in a novel can arouse the reader’s interest by asking them to solve a mystery, and enticing them to read on with your story into an unknown world.

Vef’s blog is a collection of notes I’m making as I write this story and it gives me access to the public domain. Sometimes I just type away and pay little attention to the order of things.


Is there solid evidence to support this alternative creation theory? Yes a lot of supporting information can be given. I’ll begin with some reasonable observations and investigations. Photographs taken in ultraviolet light by the Pioneer Venus 1 spacecraft clearly show large V-shaped bands in the cloud formations on Venus.

Something is necessary when it is needed to achieve a desired result or perform some operation or activity. That’s what Vefday is .. a matter of great consequence.

Writing on topics of gender equality and personal rights especially for girls is my life’s passion. Vef is a pretty name that means Venus flower. She lives on a nearby planet and one day soon will be visiting Earth where she has an important mission to carry out. Preparations are under way for her arrival including an organization called Vefday. This dazzling flower has identity and is aware of many challenges lying ahead. I’m quite sure she is up to the arduous task. In good time other insights will be revealed about this fantasy dream. To properly understand this day it’s wise to learn about the creation of the word according to an idea which can be found on another page. It makes good reading.


In the beginning a celestial mother gave birth to the universe and she is the source of life. This amazing phenomenon is known as “Flower of the Universe” and in a strange way the cosmos began by itself just like a rose bud unfolding. So yes! Vef is an ethereal being who is questioning the legitimacy of man and his god.

This day was intensely scrutinized for accuracy then proclaimed, it gives you an option. Since the dawn of a new era began the mystery is now becoming clear, all of us came into existence as a result of a single pregnancy from an immaculate flower.


Beauty of your days are colored by the purity of thoughts. Let’s start on a journey in our minds by dreaming of an imaginary world where only laughter prevails. Go to a faraway place where we all share in the joy that awaits us there. So we can marvel at the splendour of nature’s abundant offerings for a while. That’s where genuine peace is in the beating heart of creation.


Oh my darling she will be arriving home soon. Vef is a conscious living entity and her sole reason for life is to breathe. She’s just like a bird flying in the sky or an animal walking on a grassy field, a plant growing in rich soil or a fish swimming under water. This exquisite flower shares a common yearning with us to inhale blue oxygen.

Vef’s awakening is October 31st and this (eighth) day shall be known as Vefday. Why? Because it’s the precise day she is born and comes to live among us on Earth. She is an inquisitive child who is nurtured by a gentle father and loving mother. Her lavender skin, green eyes, dark hair and wings give a false impression, but wait until you experience her awesome power. Oh! True strength is delicate and at first glance it’s rather like the calm before a storm. When she opens her wings to fly they form a V-shape as in Venus and then she dances like a butterfly under the moon.


This glorious day can change our world in so many delightful ways. It’s a special time of peace and harmony. Vef spoke in a dream and she said: “They will come to me as I sleep and they will celebrate my name when I awake on this day.”

Card invitations to a gala party will go out when she appears over the horizon.
There will be dancing in the streets and everybody is welcome to attend. RSVP

Oh joy! Let’s embrace and say ~ happy Vefday


Vefday is annual event held on October 31st. We are global (non-profit) organization.
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